Human Operations: Philosophy of Life

Operating Systems
for the Heart and Mind
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Nature of Philosophy
3D - Ancient
Androgynous - Aware
Babylon - Burden
Calvary - Compete
Compete - Control
Control - Cycle
Dancing - Destiny
Destroyer - Dumb
Earning - End
Endearing - Eyes
Facade - Folly
Fool - Futility
Garden - God
Going - Gullible
Habit - Hypocrite
I am - Individual
Infatuate - Irrevoke
Jesus - Justified
Kabbalist - Know
Labor - License
Life - Lost



Footprints from painting Going Fishing. Human Operations
Footprints in the sand

We all have temporary residence here on planet earth.  It is helpful for us to acquire a new perspective of the infinite;
it will help us put our temporary stay on earth into proper perspective. Earth is just the beginning of a long journey.

The pursuit of philosophy, is not only in following what previous Philosophers stated, but it is the engaging of ourselves in understanding our own thoughts and feelings.

The unfolding of our own wisdom lies in understanding our responses to what is in front of us. Enter into contemplation, and converse with the content of this page.

References point to additional insights within

Ch=Chapter; Ap=Appendix; In=Introduction; P=Paragraph; S=Sentence

I am
    in the Father Ch 28: P43-47
    the Light of the world Ch 27: P6
    the resurrection Ch 28: P20-22
    the true vine Ch 27: P28-34
    the way the Truth and the Life 
        Ch 27: P25-27
I bear witness of myself Ch 27: P7
Ideas, what are they? Ch 10: P68
    crisis Ch 02: P94, P95-97, Ch 23: P13-16
    finding one Ch 02: P3-4
Idleness Ch 02: P18-19, P47
    hating death Ch 26: P82-83
    having a greater love for things Ch 26: P80
    worshipping ancestors Ch 20: P40
    worshipping ego Ch 01: P134 
    worshipping Jesus Ch 28: P20
    worshipping pain and suffering Ch 02: P83
Idols Ap 01: P150
If you will be perfect … Ch 28: P23-28
    about Divine Love Ch 12: P26
    and misguidance creates fear Ch 32: P31-35
    destroys basis for life Ch 10: P25, 
        Ch 15: P18-20
    eliminating it Ch 02: P70-72,
        See Death of ignorance 
    enslaves us to sin and errors Ch 31: P43-55,
        See Condoning sin through ignorance,
        See Unholy sanctuary of ignorance
    fosters barbarism Ch 06: P3-4, Ch 09: P86
    keeps us in chains Ch 02: P83-84,
        See Chained to ignorance,
        See Chains of ignorance,
        See Competition breeds ignorance,
        See Defending ignorance,
        See False ‘god’ of ignorance and war,
        See Misguidance through ignorance
    leads to great disrespect Ch 26: P6-8,
        See Worshipping at altar of ignorance 
            and disrespect
    leads us into bondage to others 
        Ch 06: P29-30,
        See Confusion maintains ignorance,
        See Confusion promotes ignorance,
        See Controlling others through
        See Enslavement through ignorance,
        See Slavery through ignorance  
    not an excuse to blame others 
        Ch 21: P59-60, Ch 31: P52-55
    sets no one free Ch 18: P96
    sows seeds of evil Ch 12: P47, P57
Ignorance vs. intelligence Ch 22: P6
Ignorant about our true selves Ch 21: P1-6
Ignoring God Ch 28: P4-12

           Habit - Hypocrite

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    dominance Ch 26: P89
    laws Ch 23: P30-33,
        See Enslavement through illegal laws
    system Ch 18: P125, P142-145
Illogical and insane proposition 
        Ch 21: P31-35, P38-40
Illusion vs. Reality Ch 29: P41-51,
        Ch 31: P18-20
Illusion, its beginning Ch 08: P39-40
Image of 
    4th dimension: See Echo of 4th dimension
    Love Ch 13: P59-61
Imagination Ap 01: P151-152, P294
Immortal knowledge Ch 13: P87-88, P90
    acquiring it Ch 11: P23-34, P80-81,
        Ch 24: P57-65, Ch 27: P12-17,
        Ch 27: P50-64
    what it is Ap 01: P153
Immune to sin Ap 01: P70, P246-247
Impatient and unmerciful humans 
        Ch 18: P2-3
Important things of our lives Ch 04: P32
    not the example given by our Creator 
        Ch 18: P82-84
    of the will of foreigners Ch 26: P51-58
    paradox Ch 16: P29
    proposition Ch 09: P100, Ch 19: P4
Imprison Ch 10: P36
Improve ourselves first Ch 26: P120
    for harmony Ch 11: P11-17
    to do right Ch 31: P56-59
    intentions Ch 11: P40
    will Ch 11: P40
In my Father’s House are many mansions 
        Ch 32: P33-35
    assumption for life Ch 24: P9
    choice Ch 29: P58-59
    codes for self-improvement Ch 29: P60-61
    focus Ch 15: P18-20
Incrustations of the soul Ch 19: P2-3, P30-33,
        Ch 21: P6-9
Independence Ch 02: P67-68
Individualism Ch 17: P61-67, Ch 26: P41-42,
        See Interdependence
    giving it up Ch 17: P62-63
    its beginning Ch 11: P69-70
Individuation of souls Ch 13: P1, P14, P19,
        Ch 32: P17-20

        Infatuate -Irrevoke