Human Operations: Philosophy of Life

Operating Systems
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Nature of Philosophy
3D - Ancient
Androgynous - Aware
Babylon - Burden
Calvary - Compete
Compete - Control
Control - Cycle
Dancing - Destiny
Destroyer - Dumb
Earning - End
Endearing - Eyes
Facade - Folly
Fool - Futility
Garden - God
Going - Gullible
Habit - Hypocrite
I am - Individual
Infatuate - Irrevoke
Jesus - Justified
Kabbalist - Know
Labor - License
Life - Lost



Self-sufficiency, from painting Going Fishing. Human Operations

Believe in yourself.  There is an innate wisdom within each of us, regardless if some others may want to call you “dumb” or “stupid.”  It is the way they want to ‘see’ you, but it must never be the way that you see yourself.  Never believe any belittling thing about yourself, or else, your belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The pursuit of philosophy, is not only in following what previous Philosophers stated, but it is the engaging of ourselves in understanding our own thoughts and feelings.

The unfolding of our own wisdom lies in understanding our responses to what is in front of us. Enter into contemplation, and converse with the content of this page.

References point to additional insights within

Ch=Chapter; Ap=Appendix; In=Introduction; P=Paragraph; S=Sentence

Dancing Ap 01: P120
Danger, the gravest Ch 08: P17
    not the opposite of light Ch 19: P4-7
    the absence of light Ch 22: P50-52
Day Dreaming Ap 01: P62
    in our trespasses to unloving acts 
        Ch 29: P32-34
    to illusion Ap 01: P65
    to our spiritual potential Ch 27: P14
    returning from Ch 14: P88
Deadline for attaining peace 
        Ch 26: P121-122
Deaf to God’s word Ch 25: P17
    and destruction Ch 31: P13-14
    and dying, not to be feared 
        Ch 22: P39-42, Ch 22: P47-48
    an illusion Ch 21: P46-49
    condition of soul Ap 01: P63
    given a personality Ch 26: P81-83
    holds uncanny attraction Ch 26: P26-27
    incurred by ‘Adam’ Ch 12: P21
    intention Ch 07: P16
    loses sting Ch 14: P29
    not a translation to Heaven 
        Ch 32: P36-37
    not necessary for salvation Ch 12: P45
    of body, its cause Ch 15: P26-30
    of ignorance Ch 11: P68
    of the ego Ch 16: P33, P40-41
    understanding it Ch 18: P14-17,
        Ch 32: P17-20
    row Ch 20: P12, P17
    sentence: See Capital punishment
    threat, response to Ap 01: P64-65
    what happens after Ch 01: P143-146
    what is it? Ch 13: P76,
        See First death,
        See Living-dead,
        See Physical death,
        See Second death,
        See Victory over death and the grave
Deathbeds, Upon our Ch 20: P118
Debate, lacking Ch 07: P47
Deceit, destroying it Ch 06: P29-30
Deceived into supporting lovelessness 
        Ch 26: P96-104
Deception Ch 02: P100-104, P105, 
        Ch 02: P107,Ch 02: P17-18, P64,
        Ch 07: P41, P56-57,
        Ch 09: P51, P53, P57, P59, P63, P83, 
        Ch 09: P86, P91, P94, Ch 12: P70, P74,
        Ch 18: P23-24, P27, P125-127, P140
Deception vs. democracy Ch 26: P6-8
    making them Ch 02: P81-82, Ch 22: P37
    most progressive Ch 08: P10
Declaration of war Ch 26: P121-122
Deep-seated need to belong 
        Ch 17: P60-63, P66
Defending God 
    a deception Ch 26: P80, P130
    a farce Ch 23: P42, P45-58
    man’s bid for power Ch 21: P50-54,
        Ap 01: P298-300


              Control - Cycle

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Defending ignorance Ch 21: P22-23
Defense of the Devil vs. taking stand for God
Ch 26: P130-133, Ap 01: P66
Degree, education Ap 01: P201-202
    See Awakening from unconsciousness
    See Education
Demands of living Ch 20: P1
    cannot be force upon others Ch 26: P51-58
    its degeneration: See Façade of democracy 
    the correct form Ch 01: P55-58, P69-71,
        Ch 01: P72, P74, P77-79
    the theft of Ch 07: P63-66
Demon possession Ch 16: P31-32, 
        Ch 32: P24-26
    casting them out Ch 32: P24-26
    what are they? Ch 20: P21-23
Demonstrate love, justice and compassion 
        Ch 25: P33
Demonstrating the Nature of God 
        Ch 28: P12-15
    correct method Ch 06: P14, P21-23,
        Ch 18: P74, P146, Ch 33: P39-45,
        See Standing for caring,
        See Standing for freedom,
        See Standing for love,
        See Standing for peace
    incorrect method Ch 33: P37-38
    understanding them Ch 23: P39-61
Demonstrator of God’s Love Ch 27: P38-64
Demoted from human to beast 
        Ch 19: P20-25, Ap 01: P144
Denial of 
    life, peace and tranquility Ch 26: P26-27
    love Ch 22: P29-30
    our true origin Ch 17: P17
    responsibility Ch 20: P103
Dependence upon 
    God Ch 15: P29
    matter Ch 11: P58
Depression, its cause Ch 17: P44
Derailing cooperative ventures Ch 26: P71
    fulfilling them Ch 08: P27, Ch 28: P42,
        See Manifesting our heart’s desire, 
        See Money, reflector of desires
    its source: See Intents and desires
    to succeed Ch 12: P88
    condoning it Ch 09: P73
    its hold upon our heart Ch 22: P9
    overcoming it Ch 09: P69, P72,
        Ch 22: P10-15, P51-52, Ch 27: P49-64,
        Ch 28: P8, P41, P54
    struggling to find ourselves Ch 02: P96
    cast in stone Ch 11: P81-83
    of all human beings Ch 32: P17-20
    of Divine souls Ch 17: P90, Ch 24: P61
    of pure souls Ch 17: P89
    our choice Ch 11: P81-82
    See Embracing our fate
    See Influencing fate
    See Light

         Destroyer - Dumb