Human Operations: Philosophy of Life

Operating Systems
for the Heart and Mind
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Nature of Philosophy
3D - Ancient
Androgynous - Aware
Babylon - Burden
Calvary - Compete
Compete - Control
Control - Cycle
Dancing - Destiny
Destroyer - Dumb
Earning - End
Endearing - Eyes
Facade - Folly
Fool - Futility
Garden - God
Going - Gullible
Habit - Hypocrite
I am - Individual
Infatuate - Irrevoke
Jesus - Justified
Kabbalist - Know
Labor - License
Life - Lost



Clouds from painting Going Fishing. Human Operations
Going with the wind

Keep in mind always that YOU are on an exploration.  This material is only an aid in the exploration of you, and does not purport to have all the answers. In fact, from you having a conversation with this material, may lead you to some very interesting and important conclusions, which this site may not have ‘spelt out.’ Everything is valid, until proven otherwise.

The pursuit of philosophy, is not only in following what previous Philosophers stated, but it is the engaging of ourselves in understanding our own thoughts and feelings.

The unfolding of our own wisdom lies in understanding our responses to what is in front of us. Enter into contemplation, and converse with the content of this page.

References point to additional insights within

Ch=Chapter; Ap=Appendix; In=Introduction; P=Paragraph; S=Sentence

    a metaphor Ap 01: P21
    is fallen Ch 34: P8-10
    this world of illusion Ch 22: P53
Bad things can never be a person 
        Ch 26: P9
    and harmony Ch 24: P40-44, P64-65
    between good and evil Ch 19: P4-7,
        See Absence of health
    of trade Ch 04: P21-23, Ch 05: P6
Ballot box Ch 01: P57
Banishing gloom of Nation-States 
        Ch 26: P29-36, P41-42
Bankrupting every casino 
        Ch 32: P49-52
Banners and signs 
    ineffective in many cases Ch 33: P38
Baptism Ap 01: P22
Barbaric standard of life 
        Ch 26: P28, P37-42, 
        Ch 26: P99-104
Barbarism Ch 06: P2-5, Ch 07: P40
Bartering Ch 06: P50-52
Basic algorithm for 3D reality 
        Ch 01: P106
Basis for life Ch 05: P6, Ap 01: P54-59
Battle between Heaven and hell 
        Ap 01: P23-24
Be part of the solution Ch 26: P65-67
    is harmony Ch 33: P44, Ap 01:121
    of the heart Ch 26: P67
    aware of ourselves Ch 31: P60
    Divine Ch 10: P12, Ch 24: P57-65
    one with the Source Ch 29: P21-22
    part of the body of Christ 
        Ch 27: P50-64
    truly conscious Ch 16: P43-44
    what we know Ch 10: P67
    God Ap 01: P25
    flexible Ch 10: P30-31
    human Ch 17: P80
Being in the world vs. being of the -world
        In: P13, P35-36, Ch 01: P4-5,  
        Ch 01: P122-130, 
        Ch 04: P7-9, Ch 10: P60-61, 
        Ch 20: P47-50, Ch 22: P14-15, 
        Ch 28: P26-31, P52, 
        Ch 33: P29-30, 
        Ch 34: P14, Ap 01: P65, 201-202, 
        Ap 01: P255-259, P292-293
    Essence of God Ap 01: P26
    Love that God is Ch 24: P1-5, P10
Beings of conscience Ch 31: P40-42, 
        Ch 31: P50-55, P60
    a promising start Ch 21: P19-21
    attempt to exercise power 
        Ch 23: P6-9
    believe Ap 01: P27-30
    False Ch 12: P45, P47
    in an animal heritage Ch 06: P2-5
    is not knowledge Ch 21: P20
    its function Ch 07: P58-59
    can kill Ch 16: P5
    color input to mind Ch 20: P90-92
    that disempowers Ch 26: P124-133
    their influence Ch 21: P2-6
    in me, Jesus said Ch 12: P50
    in yourself  In: P7
    understand and do Ch 14: P84
    what Jesus taught about God’s Love 
        Ch 28: P20-22, P39-40
Benediction Ap 01: P141
Benefits vs. pain Ch 30: P21-22
Benevolence of God
    encompasses all  Ch 10: P40
    sustains us Ch 03: P1-3, 
        Ch 29: P32-34, Ch 31: P20
Benevolence vs. Beingness 
        Ch 24: P1-5, P10,
        Ch 24: P31-34, P41-65
Best choice we can make 
        Ch 31: P22-26
    is dead compared to our lives
        Ch 25: P45-55
    is not infallible Ch 25: P8-14, P21
    not word of God in every way
        Ch 25: P3-21, P47-55
Bickering and time wasting 
        Ch 26: P69-70

      Androgynous - Aware

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Bigotry, suspend it Ch 23: P49-61, 
        Ch 27: P51-64, Ch 33: P18-20
Bill of rights Ch 18: P27-28
Biometrics Ch 33: P19-20
Birth and life of Jesus Ch 29: P23-26
Birth pains
    giving birth Ch 14: P71
    letting go of oppression 
        Ch 18: P129-131
    giving it up Ch 18: P24, P27
    inviolable Ch 18: P27-30, P46-47
    its origin Ch 09: P64
    sharing it Ch 20: P56-59
    and accusations Ch 20: P51-53
    gets us nowhere Ch 18: P97-98
    transference Ch 12: P47-48, 
        Ch 18: P20-23, Ap 01: P31-33
Blame vs. responsibility Ch 20: P82-84
    bad luck Ch 09: P91
    each other Ch 02: P60, P91, 
        Ch 09: P71, P91
    God Ch 01: P26, Ch 09: P70-71, P91,
        Ch 18: P87, P91-98
    from God Ch 14: P76, Ch 31: P20
    how they occur Ch 10: P63-64, 
        Ch 19: P27
    in disguise Ch 20: P109-111
    upon each other Ch 20: P106-111, 
        Ch 26: P118-119
    upon earth Ch 34: P30
    acceptance of scripture Ch 25: P8-14
    leaders of the blind Ch 12: P57-60,
        Ch 29: P58-59
    spiritually Ch 29: P14-16
Blindness turned to sight In: P35-39
Blood and sacrifice
    grave misguidance Ch 12: P43, 
        Ch 12: P45, P47
    not necessary for salvation 
        Ch 14: P90-94
Blood of Jesus Ap 01: P34-37
Blue print of life Ch 01: P98
Body and soul Ch 11: P44-60, 
        Ch 13: P8-9
Body of 
    attributes Ch 11: P67
    Christ Ch 34: P12-14
    evil Ch 15: P30-32
    man: See Physical body
Body politic and civilization 
        Ch 12: P66-67
Bombs and bullets cannot destroy evil
        Ch 26: P10-13
Bondage to
    fear, maintaining it Ch 22: P17
    pain and suffering Ch 29: P53-57
    sin, breaking it Ch 12: P44-50
Book of knowledge Ch 17: P70-73,
        Ch 24: P48
Books of the Church Ch 25: P3
Borders between countries 
        Ch 18: P143-144
Boredom, its cause Ch 22: P23
Born again 
    corrupting it Ch 21: P38-40, P44
    definition and demonstration  
        Ch 02: P116, Ch 11: P28-34,
        Ch 14: P82-84, P89-90, 
        Ch 18: P134-135,
        Ch 24: P59-61, Ap 01: P38-39, P75
    the key to the Kingdom 
        Ch 27: P10-17,  Ch 32: P36-45
Born in sin Ch 14: P73-75
Born in sin vs. being sinful 
        Ch 14: P73-75, Ch 31: P43-48
Boundaries of conscious awareness
        Ch 11: P51-52, Ch 14: P19-24
Brain structure Ch 02: P9-11, 
        Ap 01: P40
Bravery Ap 01: P66.S3-6
    chains of death Ch 27: P18-20
    down barriers Ch 14: P22-23, P29
    fixations Ch 21: P10-16
Bribing ‘god’ of fate Ch 26: P18-23
Broken promise, same as a lie 
        Ch 26: P76
    exclusive Ch 12: P32
    inclusive Ch 12: P33-36

        Calvary - Compete