Human Operations: Philosophy of Life

Operating Systems
for the Heart and Mind
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Nature of Philosophy
3D - Ancient
Androgynous - Aware
Babylon - Burden
Calvary - Compete
Compete - Control
Control - Cycle
Dancing - Destiny
Destroyer - Dumb
Earning - End
Endearing - Eyes
Facade - Folly
Fool - Futility
Garden - God
Going - Gullible
Habit - Hypocrite
I am - Individual
Infatuate - Irrevoke
Jesus - Justified
Kabbalist - Know
Labor - License
Life - Lost



Rock of ages, from painting Going Fishing. Human Operations
Rock of ages

The path of self-discovery and finding your purpose in the world would become your personal religious quest. For your religion is not about blind faith, or the following of some dogma or creed, which merits are dubious and you know nothing about.  But your religion is your quest for knowledge and the understanding of everything you put your heart to.

The pursuit of philosophy, is not only in following what previous Philosophers stated, but it is the engaging of ourselves in understanding our own thoughts and feelings.

The unfolding of our own wisdom lies in understanding our responses to what is in front of us. Enter into contemplation, and converse with the content of this page.

References point to additional insights within

Ch=Chapter; Ap=Appendix; In=Introduction; P=Paragraph; S=Sentence

Garden of Eden Ch 14: P70, 
        Ap 01: P102, P171-172
Garments for Paradise Ch 32: P36-45
Gate keepers of prison camp Earth 
        Ch 18: P143-145
Gates to Paradise will close Ch 32: P46-52
    and the environment Ch 16: P1-7, P12-13
    its definition Ap 01: P105
Gene therapy Ch 16: P8-10
    engineering Ch 16: P11-12, P45
    manipulation Ch 18: P31
    scientists Ch 16: P11
Gentle insistence Ch 20: P101
Germ warfare Ch 09: P85
    See Secret and silent wars
Getting along with dissimilar people 
        Ch 20: P59, P62-67, P70-77
Getting high on drugs Ch 20: P98
Ghost fear Ch 20: P40
    from God
        See Distracted from the Gift of Love,
        See God gives every good gift,
        See Greatest Gift to mankind,
        See Hemp, God’s gift to us
        See Greatest gift to God,
        See Motives behind gift giving
        See Benevolence of God sustains us,
        See Rotten gifts,
        See Slavery through receiving gifts with
            hooks attached
Gift of 
    appeasement or sacrifice Ch 17: P6-11
    life and restoration Ch 20: P117, P119-121
    love to God Ch 14: P66, Ch 23: P57
    peace in tranquility Ch 34: P30-32
    the entire Earth Ch 18: P43-45, P56
Giving and receiving, inseparable
        Ch 20: P106, Ch 30: P12
    improper way Ch 04: P24
    proper way Ch 04: P25
    up the ghost Ch 10: P73-76
    with hooks attached Ch 30: P5-6, P11-12
    without hooks attached Ch 30: P7-12
Glandular organs Ch 11: P37
    Kanata Ch 26: P134-138
    misguidance Ch 33: P1-4, P7-11
    transformation Ch 34: P30-32
Glorification Ch 13: P1-3, P90
    See Cosmic glue 
    See Strongest glue
GM (genetic modified) foods Ch 16: P14
    attaining nature of God Ch 21: P25
    See Common goals for all humanity

               Fool -  Futility

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    became man, a fable Ch 21: P24-29
    calls us to a higher standard Ch 25: P41
    clothing Him with human emotions 
        Ch 18: P6
    cuts no one off Ch 28: P2-9
    definition of Ch 13: P85, Ap 01: P106-107,
        See  False ‘god’
        See Nature of God the Creator
        See Who and what is God?
    doing His work Ch 23: P45-61
     knowing Ch 01: P138,
        See Knowing God
    never gives up on us Ch 22: P16
    not present in this reality Ch 08: P13,
        Ch 24: P48-58
    repealed our death sentence Ch 27: P2-10
    rose-up prophets Ch 28: P12-15
    rules through Love and Allowance 
        Ch 24: P40
    saves us from evil Ch 21: P42
    shutting Him out Ch 12: P10-11
    so loved the world… Ch 27: P38-42
    speaks through metaphors Ch 25: P16-23,
        Ch 25: P42-55
    speaks through our hearts Ch 25: P32
    speaks to our hearts Ch 12: P8-9
    supports us Ch 12: P51, Ap 01: P127
    the biggest Yoda Ch 24: P33
    the only absolute Ch 10: P40, P62
    the same in all time Ch 12: P15-17
    touched by genuine yearn for Love 
        Ch 24: P27-28
    waits patiently for us Ch 28: P9
    was not created Ch 28: P1
    who and what is?
        See Who and what is God?
    will not … Ch 18: P79-81
    yearns to share Himself with us 
        Ch 24: P57-58
God did not 
    create a Devil Ch 22: P18-19
    create evil Ch 12: P52-54, Ch 21: P40-41
    will not and cannot… Ch 21: P38-39
God does not 
    create suffering Ch 21: P28-29
    punish Ch 11: P74-77, Ch 18: P91-98, 
        Ch 18: P102-104, P107-113, P119,
        Ch 28: P39-42
    sanction war Ch 12: P55
    tax us Ch 18: P43-45
God gives 
    every good gift Ch 23: P57
    good things to those who ask 
        Ch 27: P21-22
    of Himself literally Ch 12: P42-44
God is 
    Love Ch 01: P3, P23-25, Ch 27: P39-49,
        Ap 01: P109-110
    merciful Ch 25: P39-40
    not a button we press Ch 24: P29
    not human Ch 18: P4, P6-9
    not our genie Ap 01: P217-218
    reproducing Ch 29: P35-40, Ch 31: P19-26
God vs. the Devil Ch 26: P124-133
    benevolence is real Ch 20: P110
    Divine Love available for all Ch 27: P50-64
    Love not present where fear abounds 
        Ch 26: P92-101
    Nature: See Nature of God the Creator
    Power: See Wielding the Power of God
    ways are not past finding out 
        Ch 12: P39-42
    Will: See Will of God 
    Word does not reside in books 
        Ch 25: P6-23, P47-55
    See At-one-ment vs. God-likeness

          Going - Gullible