Human Operations: Philosophy of Life

Operating Systems
for the Heart and Mind
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Nature of Philosophy
3D - Ancient
Androgynous - Aware
Babylon - Burden
Calvary - Compete
Compete - Control
Control - Cycle
Dancing - Destiny
Destroyer - Dumb
Earning - End
Endearing - Eyes
Facade - Folly
Fool - Futility
Garden - God
Going - Gullible
Habit - Hypocrite
I am - Individual
Infatuate - Irrevoke
Jesus - Justified
Kabbalist - Know
Labor - License
Life - Lost



Lead me to the Rock, from painting Going Fishing. Human Operations
Lead me to the Rock

It is good when you can bring honesty to all of your conversations, along with an open mind. For it is a conversation you are having.  One that will shed new insights upon your life and the ‘world’ you live in. The more you are able to suspend your judgments, the deeper and more meaningful would be your conversations.

The pursuit of philosophy, is not only in following what previous Philosophers stated, but it is the engaging of ourselves in understanding our own thoughts and feelings.

The unfolding of our own wisdom lies in understanding our responses to what is in front of us. Enter into contemplation, and converse with the content of this page.

References point to additional insights within

Ch=Chapter; Ap=Appendix; In=Introduction; P=Paragraph; S=Sentence

Calvary, its true purpose Ch 21: P37
Calvary’s transaction, a manmade fiction 
        Ch 21: P31-35, P38-40, P44-45
Campaign of terror Ch 23: P35-40,
        Ch 25: P29-32
Capital punishment Ch 20: P12-21, P35-38
Capitalism Ch 06: P52
    See Communism
    See Individualism
Care for all children, not just your own 
        Ch 31: P58-63
Career of
    heart development Ch 01: P145-146
    mental development Ch 01: P144
    the cesspool type Ch 07: P33-34
    for those in need Ch 04: P35,
        Ch 20: P100-102, P105-111 
    for yourself Ch 04: P1-2
Casting out demons Ch 32: P24-26
Cause of suffering Ch 01: P41, 
        Ch 02: P44-46
Cause vs. effects Ch 23: P18-19,
        Ch 24: P18-25, Ch 29: P21-22, P60-62,
        Ch 31: P9-10
Caustic effects of manmade materials 
        Ch 15: P30
Celebrate our differences and dissimilarities
        Ch 20: P62-67, P74-76
Celebration of life Ch 18: P118
Celestial Angel 
    See Divine Angel
Celestial Heavens Ch 11: P81-82, 
        Ch 17: P89-90
Center of gravity 
    See Moral center of gravity
Cerebral spinal system Ch 11: P36
Certificate: See Degree, education
Certification Ch 18: P62-65
Chain of command Ch 23: P34
Chained to ignorance Ch 02: P49-50, P54,
        Ch 02: P80, P83, P91-93
Chains of ignorance Ch 06: P26
Chakras Ch 32: P20-22, Ap 01: P254
Change of state Ch 18: P15-17
Changeless nature of Truth Ch 12: P86
Channeled information 
        Ch 32: P1-6, P13-16
Chaos, superior order In: P32-34, 
        Ch 10: P35
Charities and Foundations Ch 26: P20-23,
        Ap 01: P45-46
Chastise Ap 01: P42-44
Cheerful giver and receiver 
Ch 20: P106-108
Child of the universe In: P15-16
Childish games Ch 20: P51-53
    have a clear conscience Ch 31: P42-43
    honor your parents and guardians 
        Ch 06: P67
    must be loved Ch 31: P58
    of God Ch 13: P45, Ch 17: P1, 
        Ch 19: P26-33
    our teachers of righteousness 
        Ch 31: P61-63
Choice of destiny Ch 11: P81-82
    affects soul’s condition Ch 11: P72
    opportunities Ch 26: P112-113
    is in our world today Ch 34: P1-11, 
        Ch 34: P15-18
    is not a person Ch 34: P2-3, P12-14
Divine condition of soul Ap 01: P47-50,
        Ap 01: P288
Chronometers Ch 18: P51, Ap 01: P290
Church and Religion, not the same thing 
        Ch 02: P105
Church and State Ch 02: P105

          Babylon - Burden

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Citizen, its meaning Ch 01: P49-50, 
        Ch 01: P53-54
Civil law Ch 02: P104, P107
Civility, Returning to Ch 07: P13-18
    built incorrectly Ch 30: P13-16
    its foundation Ch 12: P1
    its undoing Ch 03: P27,
        See Body politic and civilization,
        See Irresponsibility, undoing of
        See Past declines in civilization
    most powerful form of Ch 12: P95
    moving to next higher level 
        Ch 22: P54-58
    past, present and future 
        Ch 18: P18-19
    reconstructing it Ch 04: P9-11, 
        Ap 01: P84
        See Building a new civilization,
        See Evolution of civilization,
        See Fortification of a progressive
        See Foundation for true civilization,
        See True civilization
        See Supernormal abilities
Clairvoyant and clairaudient 
        Ch 32: P28-30
Cleansing the earth of greed 
        Ch 10: P75-76
Cleanup and restoration Ch 05: P17-18
Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt 
        Ch 32: P10-12, Ch 32: P48-52
Cloning: See Creation of man-by-man
Closing of the Celestial Heavens 
        Ch 11: P82, P85
Co-creators Ch 19: P26-27
Code words, names of various ‘gods’ 
        Ch 23: P4
Codes of
    civility Ch 26: P29-36
    fear, war, and death 
        Ch 26: P28, P37-42
    there is no such thing Ch 01: P93-94,
        Ch 02: P38, Ch 18: P52-55, 
        Ch 29: P28
    all those who are burdened 
        Ch 32: P36-52
    all ye of my Father Ch 27: P50-64
    boldly to God Ch 27: P41-49
    to the place of Sacredness 
        Ch 32: P49-52
Commander of our lives 
        Ch 14: P51, P55-58
Commitment to do our best 
        Ch 10: P26-28
Common goals for all humanity 
        Ch 20: P66
Common ground Ch 06: P25-26
Communion/Mass Ap 01: P51-53
Communing with God Ch 13: P73, 
        Ap 01: P303-304
Communism Ch 07: P19-23
    See Capitalism
    See Individualism
Companies, The most innovative 
        Ch 05: P16
Comparisons Ch 06: P65, Ch 18: P25
Compassion Ch 10: P50-52
Compassion and kindness 
    better than knowledge Ch 25: P49-50
    a creation of mankind    
        Ch 07: P22, P25-26
    breeds ignorance Ch 12: P79-82
    for the truth Ch 17: P25-29
    its vices Ch 12: P76

       Compete - Control