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Nature of Reality

Nature of Reality Awareness - Andromeda Galaxy

In becoming aware of our true selves, is not where we 'think' about our subconscious state, but where we actually disengage 'thinking' and engage 'intuition.'

Intuition is a knowing from the heart, which begins as a peculiar sensation that envelops us and is fuzzy at first, but rapidly grows into a sharp focused clarity.

This process is derailed when we try to 'think' about it.

With practice, our  consciousness will shift its focus from being channeled through the logical thinking processes of the mind, and become centered upon and through, the heart.

Most emotions that we feel are initiated by the 'unconscious' part of us, our heart.

We become confused by many of our emotions, because we do not know that the heart should be the focus through which we must live our lives.

We must know this truth.

True education begins with this realization.

By yielding to and trusting the intuition of the heart, will lead to re-educating the 'conscious mind.'

The conscious mind will not cease to exist; however, its role would change from being the 'assumed master' it had made itself out to be.

It would become our faithful servant in reporting without bias all its observations, and would unwaveringly execute the will of our heart. HOM


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Messier 81 - Courtesy NASA/JPL/Caltech/University of Arizona/Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics/NOAO/AURA/NSF

Andromeda Galaxy - Courtesy NASA/JPL

HH 46/47 - Courtesy  NASA/JPL-Caltech

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