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Galaxy NGC 1569 - Shining gems of beauty
Galaxy NGC 1569 - Shining gems of beauty






Freewill is the power we have, to choose to be good or evil.

Freewill is the power to choose to be the way we want to be, especially in terms of the kind of attitudes we want to portray.

Making choices, which outcome are influenced by a group consciousness, may not turn out the way we prefer, but we always retain the power of how to respond to the results.

The power to choose, to determine ones own fate, may not seem to be valid most of the times.

Determining ones own fate is beset with countless trials, because our will is not the only one in existence. The journey of realizing our fate is one where we learn how to converse constructively with other wills.

The will present in nature's systems are easiest to work with, once their patterns have been descerned. But the difficulty increases as the organism (organization) becomes more complex. Hence, it is more difficult to deal with other humans and their Organizations, than it is to deal with a lesser creature.

The question of foreknowledge being a prerequisite, in order for freewill to exist, is mute; because freewill primarily deals with us choosing to be good or evil. However, we can still influence the systems outside of ourselves in a measure that is directly proportionate to the level of conversation (knowledge) we have with those systems. HOM

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Dwarf galaxy NGC 1569- Courtesy  NASA/JPL/Hubble.


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