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Galaxy NGC 1569 - Shining gems of beauty
Galaxy NGC 1569 - Shining gems of beauty




Exploration of the Nature Of Education

To educate means, to draw out from a soul what already exist within it, that adds to harmonious living.

Encouraging souls to blossom and unfold into the beautiful creation they already are.

Contrary to what is currently passing for education, which in most cases totally ignores the soul's existence, and endeavors to indoctrinate the mind in how to subjugate and use the soul's awesome power in the furtherance of greedy living. 

Check back regularly for the other exciting parts that are yet to come.

Good clarity. Education that sets you free. HOM

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Dwarf galaxy NGC 1569 - Courtesy  NASA/JPL/Hubble.


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Nature of Education

Can someone be educated and sill be a fool?

An educated fool?
Do you see the box, within which all our so called education occurs?

What can give us sight in this 'land of the blind?'

Keep your eyes on this column for more insights.