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Simple Technology Doubles Gas Milage
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Exploration of the Nature Of Technology.

We have come a far way as a species, and have created a 'modern civilization' that is marvelous on one hand and destructive on the other.

The 'wheel' of our ingenuity has spun full circle, and we are awakening to the realization that our greatest advancement lies in simplicity.

Technology may yet set us free to think, express and to be, but such beingness can only exist when the source of power that drives our world is Renewable, and is controlled by the Many instead of the Few.

This site will examine all benevolent technologies and renewable energy sources, and will endevour to empower the individual.

Check back regularly for the other exciting parts that are yet to come.

In the meantime, contemplate deeply on the available sections, for they will activate the hidden Intelligence lying dormant within you.

Good clarity. Tools that empowers permanently.

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Nature of Technology

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