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Galaxy 1569 - Shining gems of beauty
Galaxy 1569 - Shining gems of beautya






Even though foreknowledge is not a prerequisite for freewill to exist, it doesn't mean that foreknowledge cannot assist in the successful functioning of freewill, for it does.

Foreknowledge is available to every soul that becomes aware of the Intelligence of Synchronicity and Hyper-Synchronicity, and yearn (learn) to access it.

The Intelligence of Synchronicity and Hyper-Synchronicity is a function of Consciousness. Consciousness is a function of the 'First Source and Cause' of existence, often referred to as 'God.'

It can be concluded that, there must be a common underlying pattern (thread) behind everything in the third dimension, which relates everything to everthing else; a one-to-many mapping and a many-to-one mapping.

Accessing the Intelligence of Synchronicity and Hyper-Synchronicity and receiving meaningful insights (foreknowledge) becomes a measure of the degree of yearning (learning) of how all things are connected in consciousness. HOM

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Dwarf galaxy NGC 1569 - Courtesy NASA/JPL/Hubble.


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