Human Operations: Philosophy of Life

Operating Systems
for the Heart and Mind
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Nature of Philosophy
Nature of Reality

Our Island Home, Planet EARTH.
"What are we doing here?"

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“Human Operations Manual” ‘EXPLODES’ the myths that lay hidden at the root of many of our endeavors and institutions. It challenges us to rethink the most basic questions of our existence that we take for granted. It boldly addresses the current not so constructive direction our civilization is taking, and proposes a paradigm shift that is balanced and inclusive (more tolerant).
The true fundamental nature of reality and the nature of ‘who and what’ a human being is, is dealt with in a refreshing and inspiring way. The future of humanity is bright and beautiful, not dull, depressing and painful. The whole is not greater than the sum of its parts when it is applied to being human. No civilization is greater than any single individual that comprises that civilization, not if the civilization is to be great or to remain great.
Honoring and respecting the diversity seen among all people and natural systems, will open the way to make ‘unity out of diversity’ possible for us here on planet earth. The patterns in nature are object lessons, and “Human Operations Manual” shows us that we must look deep within ourselves with a sincere yearning to know and to understand what is before us.

We will all be pleasantly surprised and encouraged when we honestly allow ourselves to embark on the ‘journey’ proposed in this manual; for each of us must make the decision of when to begin, and that decision is ours and ours alone. The surprising thing that will be noticed after taking the plunge into self-discovery is that, it is only by being truly vulnerable, not afraid to be ourselves, that we will be able to own the POWER that is already ours.

Many shy away from anything that mentions God, Creator, Heavenly Father or anything that sounds ‘religious.’ It must be understood that religion is a personal quest of self-discovery that only you and you alone must make when you are ready. So, for those who are ‘God-shy’ it is advised that if any such terms are encountered they can be substituted with ‘First Principle,’ or ‘That which was First,’ or anything similar that suits your fancy; for indeed, you will still gain new insights that can direct you to higher truths about yourself and the world you live in. HOM

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  We are all born into the world at this time, because we all have something unique and wonderful to offer to assist in bringing about peace on earth and goodwill among all humankind. We do not need to wait around to earn the approval of others before we can accept the 'WHO' that we are...


Quote to contemplate:

"Evil does not exist by the design or Will of God. It exist by the CHOICE of mankind. Evil comes into existence from a will that chooses to live in separation from what adds holistically to life and living for all.

God does not sanction war, nor does He support armies in their struggles against an 'enemy,' because all on both sides are His children. He Loves them all but has no Love for their disharmonious attitudes and conduct." H.O.M