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Nature of Reality

HOM Author Lyndon Andrew Allicock
"The Sun is always shining, no matter where you are."

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Lyndon Andrew Allicock is a native son of the beautiful tropical country, Guyana. He grew up close to the lush tropical jungle and witnessed first hand the law of the jungle. He learnt early from his father David Allicock, respect for everything natural, and on how to survive in the wild.

From infancy, he began his quest for self-realization, which took him on the most amazing journey, first ‘outward,’ then ‘inward.’ He developed a deep love for humanity and respect for nature’s systems, and maintained an organic farm in his spare time.

One of six children, he learnt early how to deal with rivalry and competition, and was never without the guidance of his mother Wendy Allicock, who like all mothers, had one of the most important jobs as a ‘full-time mom.’ 

Lyndon grew up loving the ‘arts’ and ‘sciences,’ and his insatiable yearning to know new things made sure that he was never at a lost for what to do, because he was always designing and pursuing his own projects of exploration. 

He studied the sciences, and later taught it to high school students, whom he was always challenging to go further and even to surpass him. Later on, he branched out into computer science, which opened the door to travel and aided in making possible the meeting of new cultures. 

The yearning in his soul to ‘know’ never abated, and the realization of what Reality is, begun to become clearer in his consciousness, and the philosophy found within “Human Operations Manual” begun to take shape.

Lyndon can verily call several cities his home; Toronto, Port of Spain, Linden, Vancouver and London being among his favorites, but prefers to see 'home' as being where his 'heart' is. He also enjoys hiking, camping, traveling, dancing, yoga, and good Raw food cuisine. He loves to cook, and loves sharing his organic produce from his kitchen garden with his friends and neighbors. HOM

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Quote to contemplate:

"Love gives us the power to forgive those who do not understand what love is, and to forgive ourselves when we too momentarily forget and use force instead of 'faith.' 

Love endures all pain and suffering inflicted upon it, and still maintains the capacity to forgive the offender.

Love is in love  with 'evildoers,' but has no love for their loveless attitudes, errors and sin. Love recognizes its own reflection; and is magnified, when love is reciprocated." H.O.M