Human Operations: Philosophy of Life

Operating Systems
for the Heart and Mind
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Human Operations Manual

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Human Operations Manual

"Human Operations Manual is only a suggestion, not a dictate that you must follow. As individuals, we must quest for truth by examining every worthwhile suggestion, and adopt only those things that resonate with us and MAKE THEM OUR OWN."

This Manual is unlike any other, for it is written in a style that engages our hidden intelligence and brings out our own wisdom, power and beauty. Each paragraph can and does speak to specific needs or situations we may be experiencing within our lives, and can be read randomly when we feel the need for an emotional lift or guidance.

"Now we are beginning to see the end of the world, and we love it. For with the end of the world we now see its truth; it is only the end of pain and hardship; the end to ignorance and fear; the end to greed and distrust."

The Author: Lyndon Andrew Allicock (

A native son of the beautiful tropical country Guyana; he grew up loving the `arts' and `sciences' and was never at a loss for what to do, as he was always designing and pursuing his own projects of exploration. An avid lover of nature, he prefers to see only the good in other people. Lyndon currently lives in Toronto, Canada, but sees himself as a citizen of the earth; an earth that is only one village within a cosmos of villages. He enjoys hiking, dancing and Chinese cuisine.



Where love is absent, is actually a plea for where love is needed the most. Page 2

Making LOVE and not war are the results of every soul melding. We come to recognize that we are all beautiful treasures that are enjoyed fully when we share ourselves literally with each other in true selfless love. Page 118

Our independence is seen in every choice we make. Our dependence is seen in the responsibility we have for all the effects of our choices. Page 25

It is not the words of our lips that constitute a prayer, but the deep sincere longings within our hearts. In every moment we are always praying, because in each moment we are always yearning or longing for something. Page 350

One way to look at wealth, is to look at all the favors we have owing us. The person, who has the most favors owing him or her, is the wealthiest; this would mean that such a `wealthy person' is in the habit of doing good deeds to others and not expecting anything back in return. Page 309

It is our responsibility to act or not act upon any bit of advice, good or bad. It is also our personal religious quest to come to a place of understanding where we can trust our own heart, and to know within ourselves the moral, ethical and spiritual basis, against which we must measure everything. Page 298

We do not renounce the world without first having something better to take its place. Page 271

When we recognize what it is we do not want, it becomes easier to know what it is we do wantand where it is we would prefer to be instead. Page 216

At the point of our limitation begins a genuine opportunity to learn and truly expand. Page 252

What we fear we attract. Beliefs can kill. The maxim that most sicknesses are caused by our mind is literally true. P 143

The truth about our existence is that, we directly affect our own genes with our attitudes, and have drastically altered the genes natural environment by polluting nature and our attitudes with things that are caustic and disharmonious. Page 169

Love, is `who and what we are.' When we forget this, we attract fear, hopelessness and depression, into our lives. All these represent the absence of love. Page 73

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