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Human Operations - Contemplating Purpose- Fishing at Hearts Delight, NF
"What are we doing here?"

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   Human Operations: Philosophy of Life


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Human Operations Manual painting, Going fishing
Painting "Going fishing"
Copyright 2004 L.Allicock"

"Going fishing" is a metaphor of tranquility and peace. It also alludes to being a 'fisher of men.' Connotes having great patience, tact, gentle perseverance, self-sufficiency and interdependence. Give a person a fish and they are fed for a day, teach them how to fish and they are self-sufficient for life. "Going fishing" is instructional, and captures the gist of the
"Human Operations Manual."


NUCOM SYSTEMS®, Exposition of Mission Statement

We find ourselves alive on earth today without any memory of ever asking to come here. Nor did we show up with an Operations Manual that we could easily recognize. Most of us are born into a life of scarcity and struggle. As we grow up, we are bent, twisted and forced into a mold called ‘Modern Civilization,’ unknowingly following an Operations Manual that is not conducive to life and living in many regards. Not knowing any better, we allow our wills to be dominated and soon the ‘indomitable’ souls that we were created to be, becomes totally subdued and ‘domesticated.’

NUCOM Systems offers propositions for change. N.U.C.O.M (New United Communities Of Mankind) becomes an acronym for all that is progressive and constructive. New definitions for ‘who and what’ a human being is, are defined in “Human Operations Manual” and held up high for all to become acquainted with. The rigid structures of the current exclusive status quo, will give way to one that is flexible, which highlights respect and goodwill that adds harmoniously to life and living for all human beings.

We are all born into the world at this time, because we all have something unique and wonderful to offer to assist in bringing about peace on earth and goodwill among all humankind. We do not need to wait around to earn the approval of others before we can accept the ‘WHO’ that we are. If we wait around, we allow ourselves to be bent out of shape in order to fit into a mold that is not conducive to perpetual peace and goodwill. Instead, we must learn to yearn to know ‘WHAT’ we are, and our sincerity in yearning for this TRUTH will be rewarded as we become aware of the Operations Manual that resides with the heart of every human being.

As the ‘WHO and WHAT’ we are begins to dawn upon our consciousness, a new motivation ‘in and for life’ will be born within us. The artificial invisible walls that have kept us prisoners will melt away, and we will set ourselves free to redesign civilization into one that is truly cooperative and interdependent in the highest degree. This is a Human world, and all the Operations that we do with or without the guidance of any Manual, will increase or decrease our happiness accordingly. We will discover those Operating procedures that add to life and living, and adopt them, thus becoming more humane.

The end of this world will come, and with it will come the end of greed, hardships, hunger, homelessness, poverty and corruption. We will all truly excel at what we love best that adds to harmony, for our work will be transformed into our play; and the currency that we trade and earn will be the GOODWILL that we share with each other without measure.

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Andromeda Galaxy - Courtesy NASA/JPL

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We find ourselves alive on earth with no memory of ever asking to come here. Our hearts ache most of the time. We yearn for meaning, for purpose, for direction, for love...


Quote to contemplate:

"Something else to take notice of is; it does not matter where we live, if we look at the prompting within us, we can all see that humanity is yearning for something that can make us all better.

 2This is an amazing driving force that we are witnessing.
3This motivating force appears to be moving all of humanity to something greater than we currently are, to some higher law or truth.

4It seems to have the intention of working to move all of us away from pain and suffering, and leading us to peace and happiness instead."