Human Operations: Philosophy of Life

Operating Systems
for the Heart and Mind
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Our Island Home, Planet EARTH.
"What are we doing here?"

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By Lyndon Allicock

Excerpts from Chapters 10-18
(Ch=Chapter; Ap=Appendix; In=Introduction; P=Paragraph; S=Sentence)

"When we all exhibit similar abilities, the trend of exploiting each other will cease, and we will work more in harmony with one another." Ch 10:P73

“The soul interfaces and expresses completely
through every atom, molecule, cell and system
of the physical body, via its spirit, the energy
it generates and modulates.” Ch 11: P37

“The highest form of being civil is when our personal and shared responsibilities, synchronizes.  This means that the most powerful and enduring civilization can only be
built, when such synchronicity is the norm and not the exception.” Ch 12: P95

“We do not have a 4th dimensional perspective
 unless we yield to the ‘gravity’ of the Sacred Heart.”
Ch 13: P83

“The ‘self-conscious’ mind has to become awaken
to the truth that it is only an effect, and owes
its existence to the ‘subconscious self.’” Ch 14: P63

“We should focus on what causes life and
what supports life, and enhance these.” Ch 15: P18

“We directly affect our own genes with our attitudes, and have drastically altered the genes natural environment by polluting nature and our attitudes.” Ch 16: P12

“If we continue to insist that we were born in the image of animals, instead of created in the image of an intelligent Creator, we are putting ourselves at odds with the correct evolution of our own intelligence and spirituality.” Ch 17: P83

“Rights can never be suspended.  The folly of those among us, who do not recognize the unalienable ‘birthrights’ of every human being, thinks that with the stroke of a pen and
with ink upon paper they can give or take away ‘human rights.’ Nothing can be further from the truth.”
Ch 18: P29

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