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Our Island Home, Planet EARTH.
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By Lyndon Allicock

The Seeker

The imagination of the seeker unfettered,
soaring to heights imagined or better.
Always expressing only wanting to be,
in the environment it can always be free.

Creating from within to without,
wherever you are in whatever circumstance.
Being at peace with yourself when you know,
you will always be in the flow.

Mind is a force similar to thought,
as a matter-of-fact there is no difference at all.
Layer upon layer always interacting,
in perfect orchestration one with the other.

For in all thoughts as in all minds,
the past, the present and the future resides.
Constantly in flux, dynamically influencing
and maintaining the equilibrium without.

Heart comes first but the head is there,
to verbalize the expressions that we fear.
Emotions of the heart are logic to the mind,
the two in sync for the balance within.

What the heart feels, the mind expresses.
The mind expresses so the heart can feel.
This is a wheel within a wheel,
perpetually engaged interlocked like steel.

What is proof and who needs it?
The heart and mind may ponder this.
Seeking for answers that always eludes,
a mirage in the desert only to fool.

What’s the reward of such a search?
That which can’t satisfy the thirst.
What can quench the curiosity fire?
Just be, and let go of the wire.

Fall into the pit of formless dread.
Let go of all attachments or you’ll end up dead.
Like spiders to a web you still want to cling,
to the cobwebs of entrapments that you spin.

To gain all, you lose all.
What appears must disappear.
Without condemnations or prejudices,
you are freed to be.

The proof you become,
the thirst you can be.
What can stand in your path?
When you are the path.

What can impede the way?
When you are the way.
Who can say nay?
When there is no boundary or stay.

© Lyndon Andrew Allicock Sept. 22nd 1997



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