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By Lyndon Allicock


“Human Operations Manual” is not a book to be read through from cover to cover, in just one sitting. You should pause and linger longer than necessary at each section that grasps your attention in an agreeable way or not. Take notes, and carefully follow the links suggested.

We all have an innate wisdom. In stopping long enough to ponder and engage in your internal dialogue upon anything, you are actually giving yourself the opportunity to uncover your own wisdom.

Throughout the book, an effort was made to differentiate between concepts relating to God and those relating to man; this was done by capitalizing most terms that are associated with God, and leaving the similar terms in regular type when it is used for a mortal; for example, the Justice of God versus the justice of man. In addition, the masculine pronoun was used in relation to God only because of the absence of a neutral pronoun in the English language. The use of the words “man” and “mankind,” refers to all human beings.

It is an amazing feeling when you experience your wisdom bubbling up inside of you, after being stimulated to flow in the direction of harmony.

Nothing can stop you from uncovering all the truth about your self, or about the Cosmos for that matter, except yourself.

Books, experts and experimentations, are only tools to assist you in your quest to know yourself. All the books in the world; cannot hold all the knowledge that is already present within you.

Knowing that the path to your enlightenment already exists is more than fifty percent towards discovering it. What a thrilling revelation it will turn out to be when the truth dawns upon your consciousness that, ‘you are the path to your own greatness, and you know exactly how it is so.’

The power to seek and choose is yours.

Bon Voyage, Lyndon

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